Connecting with Spirit

Fáilte…welcome… so glad you’re here!!

Whether you visiting for yoga, birth preparation, baby massage, or women’s circles, you are welcome to this space of exploration and discovery, where connections are made and community flourishes.

In this realm, I invite you to join me in an experience of freedom and flow, within and without.  Through classes, courses, writings and workshops, we will together honour Earth, Sky, Sun, Moon and Stars as we align with our Divine Essence, Universal Truth and Consciousness.


“Yoga citta vritti nirodha” – Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

(Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.) 

A quiet mind is a true gift in a whirling world. And it is this sense of quiet and calm awareness and well-being that yoga both offers and delivers when the intention is present and the conditions are favourable. 

Sometimes this state of yogic calm and serenity is achieved through conscious bodily movement - sometimes through quiet contemplation of the breath.  There are many paths and tools that we can explore to move toward this experience of inner stillness and bliss. 

Birth & Babies

To welcome a new soul into the world is a sacred journey for all involved, particularly for those who carry the new life inside their body and move through the transformative experience of birth.  Prenatal yoga, antenatal education and opportunities to connect with other parents in the community all play valuable roles in preparing for a positive experience of birth and early parenthood.   Postnatal yoga and baby massage classes bring parents into community with one another in those precious months of a baby’s first year.  Tea and cake, chats and support are all part of the magic mix.

Women's Circles

To come together in circle is powerful.  To come together in a circle of women – kindred spirits who are tuned into the Rise of the Sacred Feminine at this time on the planet – is an experience that is calling to more and more of us.   Together we listen to, support, resonate with, honour and witness each other’s soul journey as we raise the planetary frequency and vibration and travel together, sharing laughter, tears, friendship and fun in a space of loving kindness.  

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything.  Maybe its about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place”.  –
Paulo Coelho

Hi, I'm Lara

I’m honoured to offer you a range of classes, courses and workshops that invite you to drop into your body, find your breath and align with your truth.  

"Lara’s classes are beautifully supportive and renewing.  Her innate  empathy
and sensitivity to the needs of those practicing with her enable her to guide us
through practices that combine easeful stretching movements  with breath
work which support the body and the spirit.  Lara’s deep integrity shines
through her practices and she is so inspiring, generous of spirit and supportive
of us all.  Her classes are a gift which have carried me through this time of
great anxiety and I am deeply grateful to her and appreciative of her."



"The antenatal workshop gave us clarity on what was ahead and how my husband could play a really significant part in the whole process.  We also learned lots of lovely ways for me to counteract any anxiety I was feeling. Lara has a lovely open style and we felt extremely comfortable asking completely honest questions. We would very much recommend the Workshop to anyone who is expecting their baby - whether their first or the fifth! It puts a whole new slant on the birthing experience, so different to what is normally portrayed in the media. Investing in the workshop brought us closer as a couple and gave us information that led to a really concrete sense of confidence going into the experience."



"I have thoroughly enjoyed  Lara's Gentlebirth, active birth and mum and baby yoga classes over the last 8 years. Myself and my husband agreed that baby number 5 wasn't making an appearance until her pregnancy yoga classes started back, as pregnancy wouldn't be the same without that 90 mins of calm, informative relaxation once a week! Her gentle, reassuring voice is what I hear in my head during labour.  We are planning another wonderful homebirth in May and will always be grateful for the guidance and support we have received from Lara."

Jacqui and Si