In this modern world, much of our time is spent in a state of mental distraction and overstimulation, leading to ill-health, stress and burnout, but we do not have to live this way.  

Regular yoga classes offer us an opportunity to reset, recalibrate and feel our way back to our true nature – divine spirit manifesting in human form.   When we come to our practice, we connect with the breath and the wisdom of the body to find our way home to ourselves, becoming more of who we truly are.

How we get there may differ from person to person – some of us initially respond best to an active physical practice; some of us respond immediately to a quieter meditative approach. It is always worthwhile to find the class and the teacher that best meets your individual needs.  

Here is a sample of the offerings that I have available:


Yoga Flow

Influenced by my background in Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa, my Yoga Flow classes invite you to join me through flowing sequences that combine breath and movement to transition easefully toward presence and quietness of mind.   Just like a river moving towards the sea, sometimes the flow is fast and direct, sometimes it is slow and almost still as it winds its way around obstacles and rediscovers its strength through the power of restful moments.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga offers a delicious opportunity to simply be.  The practice of remaining still for several minutes within physical postures (mainly on the floor) brings the body and the mind to a place of peaceful quiet.  In this practice, we use the natural weight of the body to effect transformation in the tissues and fascia and be in the moment and of the moment, releasing any identification with past or future and shedding all labels under which we labour as human beings.  Yin yoga challenges us to get comfortable with ourselves and be present with whatever arises, allowing sensations and emotions to be acknowledged and released without unnecessary reaction or attachment.  

Yin yoga practice is incorporated into my Yoga Flow and Yoga for Women classes.

Yoga for Women

This is a gentle class for women of all ages in which we balance flowing movements and quiet yin poses while honouring the sacred feminine energy.  In a safe environment of trust, support and sharing, we move toward developing physical strength and flexibility, balanced with breath work, meditation, and deep rest.   

“You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean in a drop.” – Rumi

“I have attended weekly yoga classes with Lara for many years and love her classes. She brings a genuine feeling for the multiple benefits of yoga practice and regularly brings in new moves and fresh perspectives to mix things up!  Lara never pushes beyond each person’s capability but instead encourages you to become aware of what your own body can do and explore further if it wants to do more. She has a warm, personable style that brings out the best! I always come home from her classes feeling relaxed and invigorated.”



"Lara is YOGA in every essence of her being, a calmness surrounds her and I always feel supported in both mind and body at her classes - she seems to read the energy of the world and us participants so well that I always get exactly what I need from class.  My time on the mat in the presence of Lara every week is my sacred space - my body, mind and soul are reborn, and I emerge from her class uncomplicated with all that does not serve me vanquished for another week. I am so grateful to have found Lara a decade ago and look forward to many more decades of YOGA with her.”



"I have been practicing Yoga for over 20years,and I began to attend Lara Dunlea's classes in Bray 6 years ago.
I have always found Lara's classes and her way of teaching to be most inclusive and welcoming to new or inexperienced members whilst offering a challenge to more experienced yogis.
In the more recent years Lara has brought her knowledge and love of Celtic Spirituality and wisdom to the classes. I have gotten so much from this added dimension to each class.
Lara creates a safe, welcoming space to develop your Yoga practice while weaving in the rhythm of the Celtic Spiritual Calendar into each class."