The special phase of life that encompasses pregnancy, birth and early parenting is one of magic and challenge – a time when the physical body and the brain change dramatically to optimize the nourishment and care of a new human for the planet.  

This is a time of life when one benefits greatly from the opportunity to take space and time to increase both physical and mental strength and flexibility, to access information and support that will help to navigate this sacred time and to build community.  

I trust you will find the opportunity to nourish yourself and your baby – body, mind and spirit – through the following offerings:

Pregnancy Yoga

A yoga practice that is specifically tailored to pregnancy is a beautiful way to prepare body, mind and spirit for the transcendent experience of bringing new life into the world.  My classes combine gentle physical work to strengthen and open the body, breath techniques to focus the mind and work with the birthing energy during labour and relaxation and visualisation to prepare mentally for the psychological aspects of birth and parenting. Every class incorporates opportunities to chat and share support, building a positive birthing community.

Active Birthing

Attending an Active Birth Workshops will help you and your birth partner to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually for a positive birth experience, whatever that means in your own unique circumstances.

In this fun, informative and empowering session, I share the insights and experience that I have accumulated during the more than 16 years that I’ve been learning about the factors that lead to positive birth.  

Mum & Baby Yoga

This class offers a wonderful opportunity to build physical strength, with particular focus on core and pelvic floor, while stretching out tired muscles and engaging in fun moves and songs with your baby.  It’s suitable from around 6/8 weeks after birth until baby is crawling at speed.  Mothers get to meet and connect with other parents in the community and share support and post-class walks and cuppas, often leading to long-lasting friendships.

“Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life.”

– Ina May Gaskin

“Lara’s classes are something special, whether it be her pregnancy yoga, baby massage or mum and baby yoga.  All classes are fabulous - not only do you get the benefits of breathing and stretching but you are met with the most welcoming warm presence. Irrespective of your birth plan, ideas, or lack of she somehow manages to envelop you into this calm positive state where you trust in your own body and celebrate the amazingness of being a mum. She is a fountain of knowledge and just being in her presence gives you an unwavering sense of calm. I highly recommend her classes.”



"I look back on the birth really positively and I feel so lucky to have had such an informed and supportive partner throughout... The knowledge and empowerment we got from the birth preparation workshop was invaluable - it allowed me to stay in the zone while my husband navigated the hospital system! "



"We just want to thank you for all of your advice during the Active Birth workshop. I gave birth to our son in November and I had a relatively easy natural labour which lasted 8 hours. I didn't have any pain relief on the day, just gas and air, and I really think that the workshop made a big difference to me and helped to keep me focused."