Attending an Active Birth Workshops will help you and your birth partner to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually for a positive birth experience, whatever that means in your own unique circumstances.

In this fun, informative and empowering session, I share the insights and experience that I have accumulated during the more than 16 years that I’ve been learning about the factors that lead to positive birth.  I draw this information from more than ten years as a pregnancy yoga teacher, my trainings and experience in GentleBirth and KGHypnobirthing, my work in the field of doula support and the passion for positive birth that was awoken within me through the life-changing experience of birthing my two beautiful children with confidence and trust.

Topics covered include:

  • The Role of the Birth Partner

  • Optimisation of the Birth Hormones

  • Comfort Measures for Labour

  • Acupressure Points for Pain Relief

  • Essential Oils

  • Massage

  • Birth Preferences

  • Active Management of Labour

  • Optimal Positions for Labour

  • Spinning Babies Techniques

Please email laradunlea@gmail.com to find out the next date for this workshop


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